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What Does Provide?

SAFT Launch provides superior security and risk controls to grant our members peace of mind when using our platform.
Every individual on our platform has been fully vetted to ensure that our community meets the highest standards of regulatory authorization.
Accreditation Verification
Our accreditation verification step is mandated by the SEC's Rule 506(c) of the JOBS Act. We have taken steps to ensure this verification is done correctly in order for investors to participate.
Consolidated Project Information
Token offerings can be difficult to invest in given how disjointed information often is. Token offerings are compiled on our site, relieving a time-consuming research process for investors.
Project Vetting
We conduct baseline verification of issuers to ensure legitimacy. Members of our community must provide representations and guarantees that they engage an administrator to ensure funds raised are used appropriately.
Investor Network
We are growing the largest network of registered and verified investors to provide the best experience for all users of our platform.


SAFT Launch is a U.S.-based company providing a solution for investors to find and invest using the SAFT vehicle. We correctly verify investors and issuers, making our SAFT a very conservative and convenient tool for capital raises in the cryptocurrency community. For our network of investors, SAFT Launch is the solution for managing and investing in the world of SAFTs and tokens, by consolidating information, and offering verification process for all investments. Our preliminary vetting process and spending control procedures are designed to add an extra layer of investor protection. For issuers, SAFT Launch is a quick and easy way to put your SAFT in front of our network of verified investors. We focus on security and compliance and let issuers focus on their project launch.

About the SAFT

Standard Deal Terms

At SAFT Launch, our goal is to simplify the process of selecting deals and buying tokens in a token sale. Token sale information is often chaotic and the available information is confusing and sometimes subject to change. SAFTs and ICOs on our platform will implement a set of rules to standardize terms, making information easier to consume for our members. Below are SAFT Launch's issuer standards:

Token Pricing

The price of tokens in SAFTs will always be in USD. Purchasers who contribute ETH will receive tokens calculated using the ETH/USD conversion rate on the day they contributed.

Conversion Rate of Contributions

For tokens priced in USD, ETH contributions will be converted into USD at the spot rate of ETH/USD at 4PM EST on the day the funds arrive to the issuer's escrow account. The ETH price is calculated using a custom index of average spot ETH/USD rates from three venues, GDAX, Gemini, and Kraken. If at 4PM EST any of the exchanges we use for pricing have irregular prices due to extraordinary events, we will use the first available price after pricing normalizes. This will be done at our discretion.

App-Token Types

Typically we will issue one of two types of tokens, membership tokens or in-app rewards. If the token does not fit into either category, we will list it as "Other" on our deal table.

Issuer KYC/AML

SAFT Launch will perform KYC/AML background checks on affiliated persons related to the issuer. We will reject applications that do not have a clear plan for use of proceeds, or in any way, seem likely to misappropriate their funds.


We require all of our issuers to hedge their token proceeds in a manner that minimizes slippage. Hedging does not need to be done immediately, but a plan must be in place. The goal is to match the issuer's holding currency with the currency in which they expect to operate.


SAFT Launch issuers will agree to use an administrator, who will ensure the appropriate use of funds.

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