A Platform for People to Earn from their Data
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About Project

Algebraix Data® is creating a blockchain-based platform that will empower individuals to securely store and monetize their personal data. The first application will be a secure, permission-based advertising network where individuals will be paid in the new ALX cryptocurrency to view advertisements. The network will be powered by the company’s unique, patented Data Algebra technology.
Algebraix Data will bring cryptocurrency mainstream, building its audience by first focusing on the entertainment vertical. Individuals will be delighted to earn ALX coin by watching movie trailers and TV trailers, playing games, and listening to music. Audience growth will attract advertisers in all vertical categories. The company will incentivize third-party developers with ALX-based royalties to build apps for the platform such as classified ads, dating, etc. This will enrich the users’ environment, further enabling individuals to monetize their secure personal data.

The Algebra of Data

Algebraix is the inventor of data algebra™, and holds a series of patents related to its application to computer technology. In fact, Algebraix literally wrote the book on “The Algebra of Data.” In it, Algebraix Founder Professor Gary Sherman and leading industry analyst Robin Bloor identified data algebra as the new foundation of the data economy. The book is available for free, click the image above to get your copy.

Token Sale Economics

Algebraix Data Token Sale Economics

Issued Patent

Systems and Methods for Providing Data Sets using a Store of Algebraic Relations

Issued Patent

Systems and Methods for Data Manipulation using Multiple Storage Formats

Issued Patent

Systems and Methods for Data Storage and Retrieval using Algebraic Optimization

Issued Patent

Systems and Methods for Data Model Mapping

Issued Patent

Systems and Methods for Data Storage and Retrieval using Virtual Data Sets

Issued Patent

Systems and Methods for Data Storage and Retrieval using Algebraic Relations

Issued Patent

Systems and Methods for Data Storage and Retrieval using Algebraic Relations Composed from Query Language Statements

Issued Patent

Systems and Methods for Data Storage and Retrieval Using Algebraix Relations to Optimize Calculations

Issued Patent

Systems and Methods for Indirect Algebraic Partitioning


Charles H. Silver


Charles has been an entrepreneur for more than 25 years. In the late 90s, he co-founded RealAge, Inc., raised over $15 million, and positioned the company for profitability which enabled it to survive the dot‐com bust. RealAge was sold very successfully to the Hearst Corporation in 2007. Prior to RealAge, Charles founded and built the Oil Dispatch franchise. It grew to be the largest independent quick‐oil‐change operator in Michigan and was successfully sold to Jiffy Lube.

Andy Shah


Andy brings more than 18 years of leadership and executive management experience to Algebraix. Prior to Algebraix, he was the AVP of Software and Technology at Westell inc (NYSE:WSTL) where he innovated and built the patented Homecloud technology based product and platform, and Director of Engineering and Project management for Sears Holding Corp (NYSE:SHLD). Andy has a dual M.S. degree in Computer Science and Chemical Engineering from Illinois Institute of Technology.

Robin Bloor, PHD

Sr VP Strategy and Communications

Robin brings more than 30 years of experience in the world of big data and information management. He is the author of several books on a variety of topics, including e-commerce, service management and cloud computing. His most recent book is The Algebra of Data: A Foundation for the Data Economy (2015), which he co-authored with Gary J. Sherman, PhD, the mathematician who invented the algebra of data. Robin is the founder of Bloor Research and co-founder of The Bloor Group.

Steven Wilkinson, CISSP, CBP

Director of Security

Steven Wilkinson is a certified cryptocurrency, blockchain and information security professional. He brings over 10 years of experience in technology, leadership, IT and security to Algebraix. Steven founded the Bitcoin consulting firm in ‘13, Austin Bitcoin, which is one of the first BitPay merchant integration partners. Steven holds a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification from (ISC)² and a Certified Bitcoin Professional (CBP) certification from (C4).

Therese Fahy

HR and Controller

Therese joined the Algebraix Data team in June 2014 as a jack of all trades. She currently runs the accounting, human resources and payroll divisions of our company. She moved to San Diego to attend San Diego State University, BS Business Administration, Accounting. She settled in Carlsbad with her husband and together they have four kids. She enjoys time with family running, hiking, camping and the beautiful California coast.

Gerhard Fiedler

Principle Engineer

Excellent in structuring and documenting requirements and client needs, and making sure that everybody on the team understands each other (translation between multiple domains). Self-starter and fast learner, knowledgeable in a large number of technologies.

Steve Johnston

Senior Development Engineer

Skilled at collaboratively and independently designing, implementing and maintaining complex and robust solutions for real time environments where superior quality is critical. Works on translation, backend and application and test frameworks.

James Casiraghi

Senior Development Engineer

Key developer to Apache Spark SQL Accelerator (AQA), a plug-in tool for accelerating a Apache Spark SQL queries in the Big Data/Analytics space. Currently working on applying Data Algebra technology to the blockchain within the database.

Mohammad Haque, PhD


A former math teacher, Mohammad currently helps write various patents and has done data analysis on query performance comparing data sets of various sizes on different hardware configurations. In addition, he has helped write scripts to manage cloud resources.

Ben Tuttle

Senior Development Engineer

Equipped with a Mathematics degree from the University of Texas at Austin, Ben is tasked with developing the core of our product.

Ian Seyer


Ian comes to us as a season employee who performs various maintenance and cleanup tasks to simplify maintenance of our infrastructure as well as managing database interactions, hosting environment, API design, and mobile application deployment.

Joey Janisheck


Over the past 22 years, Joey has worked for startups in Austin, Dallas, Boston, Vancouver, San Francisco and New York City, as a development leader. Big or small, Joey is focused on delivering easy-to-use mobile & web solutions.

Gary Strader

Dev Engineer

A former Senior Java Engineer at General Motors, Gary brings immense experience to Algebraix.

Jon Heller

Development Engineer

Equipped with a degree in Computer Science from Villanova University, Jon has extensive experience packaging and deploying projects for many clients on multiple platforms.

Michelle Ray

Director of Communications

Michelle brings more than a decade of networking, social media wizardry and a love of the crypto economy with her to Algebraix Data.

Marcello Milteer

Director of Marketing

Award-winning creative designer/ marketer with 11+ years of experience. He has served in a broad range of roles integrating campaigns for global brands such as IBM, Dell, and PayPal.

Gary Sherman, PHD


Gary J. Sherman brings 35 years of experience as a professional mathematician, working as a researcher, reviewer, and college professor. His expertise in modern algebra, linear algebra, probability theory, topology, and functional analysis uniquely qualified him to develop the extended set algebra for Algebraix. Sherman spent his entire teaching career at Indiana’s Rose‐Hulman Institute of Technology, and was Chairman of the Department of Mathematics for six years.


William D. Ingram

Member of Board of Directors

Bill runs the financial operations at Avalara. Prior to Avalara, Bill was interim CFO at Khan Academy, and before Khan he was executive vice president of strategy for Leap Wireless (a subsidiary of Cricket Wireless, now a division of AT&T). Before Leap Wireless, Bill served as chief executive officer of Nuera Communications where during his nine-year tenure the company grew to be the leading provider of VoIP gateways, soft switches, and management systems for telecom service providers.

Craig S. Andrews

Member of Board of Directors

Craig S. Andrews is of counsel and Co‐Chair, Emerging Growth and Venture Capital in DLA Piper’s Corporate and Finance practice, based in San Diego. He has more than 30 years of experience representing public and private companies, venture capitalists, and entrepreneurs. He has extensive experience in public and private securities offerings and in mergers and acquisitions, and he is regularly sought out by boards of directors for corporate governance advice.

Robert Bingham

Member of Board of Directors

Robert successfully founded SimpleNet, a company with a simple model: provide low‐cost web hosting to the world. With customers in more than 100 countries, SimpleNet helped pioneer the web‐hosting industry. Three years later, the company was acquired by Broadcast.com, which then merged with Yahoo!Bingham quickly became and has stayed an angel investor, focusing on early‐stage Internet ventures in the greater San Diego area.

Brad Murdoch

Member of Board of Directors

Brad brings more than 25 years of enterprise experience to Algebraix Data. Brad has filled a number of executive roles in business development, marketing, strategy and operations for early and growth stage companies in the professional open source, cybersecurity and enterprise mobility markets, including JBoss (acquired by Red Hat), Prevoty, Framehawk (acquired by Citrix), and Nukona (acquired by Symantec). Brad holds an honors degree in Computer Science from the University of Glasgow.

Lorenzo Thione

Member of Board of Directors

Lorenzo is a technologist, startup entrepreneur, Broadway producer, and community leader with a passion for the intersection between technology and the arts. A founder of Powerset (acquired by Microsoft), he was the co‐creator and producer of Allegiance (a Broadway musical starring George Takei and Lea Salonga) for which he spearheaded social‐media viral strategies that led to astounding growth and unprecedented awareness and audience engagement for a Broadway show in its development phase.

Cindy Anderson

Member of Board of Directors

Cindy is a partner in one of the country’s largest apartment development firms. She served on the board of Fidelity Bank for 10 years. Cindy is now an active Angel investor who resides in Palm Beach, Florida.