Enterprise IOT Environment Management Platform
Augmate Connect Summary Tech One-pager Website Whitepaper

About Project

Businesses and Consumers are adding smart devices to their networks at astounding rates. Many times, they are added without even realizing the need to protect those endpoints from malicious hacking. Predictions are that there will be over a trillion IoT devices within two decades. Full encryption tools on IoT devices may not be possible because of power constraints, memory size and other factors. The vulnerability risk of the entire network is elevated for every device that is added.

Augmate Connect uses a combination approach to device management and the facilitation of interactions and transactions between devices. The platform uses protocol’s like IOTA and the Tangle as well as centralized portal management using advanced technology, heuristic analysis and machine learning for monitoring and predictive maintenance.

Centralized management provides many benefits including:
· Ability to optimize workflows for saving time and resources
· Central visibility of threats and weaknesses to give confidence in network integrity
· Automatic device recognition if added to the network with policy flexibility to provision and protect for peace of mind in threat mitigation.
Decentralized facilitation of interactions and transactions between devices allows for:
· “Single Truth” infrastructure for trusted identity of devices and lifecycle
· Immutable Records that can eliminate exploitation of data flow
· Smart contracts to self-enact and consummate fixes and subscription management

The Augmate Connect platform uses
· Device identity and discovery capabilities
· Data visualization tools
· Device meta-data that can be searched, grouped, and sorted
· Device Fleet management
· Devices firmware updates
· User authentication, management and digital twin data
· Smart Contracts / Sharable DAPPS (decentralized apps)
· Decentralized tamper-proof ledger
· Blockchain bridges
· IOT platform plugins
· End to end security layer (256 bit encryption between end-points)
· Both M2M and M2H (Machine to Human) communication

Questions & Answers

Why should token purchasers choose to be a part of your network?

(a) Augmate is extremely well position to dominate the IoT space. The company began with a platform to allow enterprises to deploy and manage fleets of wearables. Augmate’s infrastructure layer has 25 security features and will be expanding this to all IoT devices. (b) IoT is predicted to be a $15 Trillion Dollar market by 2030 and Masayoshi Son, CEO of Softbank recently stated that “in the next 20 years, we will see 1 trillion Internet of Things devices” (c) We expect over $1 Billion in annual revenue by 2022. To achieve this, we need to invest in personnel and marketing to lead the industry. We expect to employ up to 300 people within 18 months.

What is your token?

(a) What is important to understand is that our MATE token is inherent within the utility of our platform. This is more than just a distributed ledger architecture for IoT, there are security, cost, and efficiency reasons for our approach, as well as, internal mechanisms that require a token. Our token acts as both license access (externally) and usage point tracking (internally) for our system. (b) Blockchain for security provides a distributed immutable ledger where the data is not all in one place, reducing the ability for hackers to swoop in and get it all. We don't want to use single-sign-in for IoT device communication, so brokering IoT device identity, authentication, and trust with credential keys is imperative. We can actually prevent certain transactions from taking place unless confirmation of firmware updates (security patches) are done on a device via a smart contract. In addition, our Augmate Connect Platform allows us to offload heavy processing work to our middleware instead of the devices themselves as needed. (c) Internally, we need to track customer usage (by device, transaction, storage, etc), but may want to reduce the price of our software license if the cost of storage goes down. We may also want to increase rewards or discounts to customers for certain transactional elements. With 100's of billions of IoT devices across many country currencies and eco-system partners, this becomes a logistical challenge without the point tracking nature of our license access token. The brevity of our token description, "a fractional license access token with cryptographic coupon attributes" doesn't justify all that it does but we tried to squeeze it into a sound bite. (d) The value of our approach may become even more apparent with our consumer IoT offering that will give control of personal data (and the of selling it) to the people it came from. In the future, data will be the real currency and our token unlocks this data. We think that Augmate is perhaps the first company that truly justifies an ICO and token strategy.

Has your project had any institutional capital or gone through an angel round?

Yes, a $3.5 Million Seed Round with: (a) $400k Tim Draper (b) $100k Arch Angel Fund (c) $300k Super Angels (d) $150k Funding Post (e) $250k Rothenburg Ventures (f) $250k Excell Partners (g) $150k Camp One Ventures (h) $250k Siemens Venture Capital (i) $500k UPS Ventures (j) $500k Simon Property Group (k) $550k William Hickey

What is your token lock up period?

6 Months.

Where is your business incorporated?

Delaware, with headquarters located at 335 Madison Ave, 16th Fl., New York, NY 1001

When is the platform going to be fully functional?

Anticipated August 2018



Pete Wassell


Pete is the visionary behind Augmate, starting the company in 2012 and leading it to become the first and premiere management platform for wearable devices. He is an active speaker on the Industry 4.0 and IOT illustrating the interconnected necessity of humans and machines. He is a former IBM leader, an officer of the AREA (Augmented Reality for Enterprise Alliance), runs the Augmented Reality New York Meetup and the AR Glasses Group on LinkedIn.

Dana Farbo


Dana Farbo has been innovating for over 20 years in how the interoperability of things can lead to a better world. His early work in digital marketing led to breakthroughs in dynamic messaging and advanced personalization. His firm was an early mover in augmented reality and mobile location-based-services. He has built and sold companies, written a best-selling book on online marketing, is an Adjunct Professor at Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City.

Bob Visnov


Bob Visnov, CTO: Bob is Augmate’s senior technology strategist and CTO. His proficiency in business planning and technical and operational services for startups and larger organizations helps guide Augmate to smart roadmaps and implementation plans. Bob has deep experience with blockchain, virtual and cloud infrastructures, mobile applications, social network interactivity, large data environments, information security, and operational processes.

Eddie Quiroz


Eddie is an Internet serial entrepreneur and digital media evangelist with extensive information technology experience. He is well-versed in web-based systems architecture and database design. He is an active board member of the MIT Angels of NYC and the MIT Enterprise Forum of NYC and holds a masters from MIT.

Thomas Miller

Chief Creative and Marketing Ofc

Thomas is an entrepreneurial creative director and marketing professional with award-winning work on global brands and digital startup experience. He speaks the languages spoken by developers, marketers, business strategists and creatives. Thomas builds teams that bridge business needs and creates results-driven solutions.

Peter Orban

Chief Commercial Officer

Peter is a strategic and digitally focused global marketing leader with agency, client and startup experience. He is an entrepreneurial business leader with significant P&L experience in strategic communications development across traditional, digital, direct and retail. With deep experience in CPG, automotive, telecommunication and varying levels in nearly every other category, Peter brings his innovative yet analytical thinking to all consulting challenges.

Brian Rogers

VP of Product

Brian is a serial entrepreneur having started several businesses in digital health, ecommerce, machine learning, and recently blockchain. Brian is also the co-Founder and Chairman of the Columbia Blockchain Alliance and Founder Machine Learning Society NY Chapter. Brian has managed product development teams for Harry Winston, 1-800 Flowers, UnitedHealth Group and founding Wilsons Leather’s ecommerce division. Brian has authored two patents. Guest lectured at the Columbia Business School.

Steven Tollen

VP of Brand Strategy and Comms

Steven is a marketing and brand strategy executive who brings a wealth of experience to our communications team. He was the Managing Director of the largest feature film post-production facility in New York. Before that he was a brand strategist at New York advertising agencies Creative Priority, Grey, Wells Rich Green, J. Walter Thompson and Chiat Day. He has been responsible for strategic planning and creative development for Sprint Business, Hertz, Proctor&Gamble, and Kraft Foods.

Gregory Rocco

Investor Strategy and Comms

Gregory Rocco is a cryptocurrency communications expert and blockchain application specialist. He is the former editor in chief at investFeed – now active journalist in the space, and advises blockchain startups on token economics, sale structures, and marketing strategy.

Stephen Pelletier

Board of Directors

Steve is the Founder and a Director of VIAcode, a leading software development company and provider of manageability solutions for web applications with offices in USA, Canada, Russia, and Belarus with 100+ employees and growing. He is also a Member of ARC Angel Fund which invests in seed and early-stage companies with high growth potential. We focus primarily on Software, IT, Internet, Tech-Enabled Services, Business Services, Digital Media, Mobile, Healthcare IT, among others.

William Hickey

Board of Directors

Bill is the former CEO and Chairman of Sealed Air and is an active investor in new technology. He graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the United States Naval Academy and got his M.B.A. from Harvard Business School in Finance and International Business.

Harv Lotko

Board of Directors

Harv brings a high-performance technology architect perspective with an extensive history of successful delivery of global projects in the Securities industry and Fortune 500.


Joseph Daniels


Partner, Co-Chair -- Venture Capital and Emerging Companies Group at McCarter & English, LLP. Regularly advise a broad range of startups, venture-backed companies and VC funds, and have led hundreds of venture and strategic financing transactions. Handled over $5 billion of M&A and transactions.

Margaux Avedisian


Margaux helped co-found three Bitcoin exchanges(MonetaGo, Tradehill, Alphapoint), and has further advised over dozens of other leading Blockchain platforms through her work as Vice President at Transform Group, the global leading blockchain PR agency.

Cristina Dolan


Founder and CEO, InsureX. Cristina is an MIT Media Lab alumna and Internet pioneer with over two decades of experience building software, content, and Internet based businesses. She was a co-founder of OneMain.com, which grew to be the 10th largest ISP after a successful IPO (Acquired by Earthlink). She is a member of Forbes Technology Council and is Chair of the MIT Enterprise Forum in New York.

Clive Wang


Mr. Wang is the CEO of digitlens. He also serves as advisor for multiple startup companies. He is a successful international entrepreneur in manufacturing, fashion industry, and supply chain. Mr. Wang’s successful investment experience, his international vision, and his deep knowledge of the Chinese manufacturing industry, service industry, and financial industry as well as the Chinese culture will help the company and investors on many different levels.

Ed Maguire


Ed Maguire is Insights Partner at Momenta Partners, a Connected Industry advisory, venture and executive search firm. He has over 17 years of Wall Street experience in Investment Banking and Equity Research with deep domain expertise in Enterprise Software. Prior to Momenta, Ed was Senior Research Analyst and Managing Director at CLSA Americas, LLC covering the software industry, technology and innovation, ranked #3 as top stock picker in Starmine in 2016.

Kai Blache


Prior to becoming a seasoned NYC and LA based VC and FinTech specialist, Kai was an Investment and Corporate Banker for 10+ years (from 2003 – 2012) at JPMorgan and BNP Paribas Bank in NYC. Now, he takes an active role investing, raising capital, consulting and working internally alongside several portfolio companies as President, CFO, Board Member and VP Finance and Investor Relations.

Benjamin Kraus


Benjamin Kraus is the founder, CEO, and Chairman of the Board to Kraus Industries. In 2013, he turned Kraus Industries into Asia’s first Bitcoin mining corporation. Kraus Industries became the 13th largest miner and creator of Bitcoins in the world surpassing all competitors in South East Asia. He advises the United Nations on digital currencies and blockchain technology. In 2015, he was invited to the United Nations Economic Business Advisory Council.

Bryan Feinberg


Bryan Feinberg is the CEO and Founder of Etheralabs, a NYC-based Blockchain Advisory. Bryan is a Licensed Investment Banker holding Series 7, 63 & 79 Finra licenses and is passionate and active across both the fintech and blockchain landscape.

Matt Garza


Matt is an organizational executions expert, and has been equity investing in blockchain projects since 2014. He has advised on other projects including investFeed, where he specializes in building partnerships and providing guidance to established companies pivoting into the blockchain space. He understands the intricacies in performing Initial Coin Offerings/Token Generation Events to support the successful longevity of projects and their native tokens.

Xu Yang


Xu is a crypto-enthusiast and activist, joining hands with multiple Chinese crypto communities to publicize good projects.