A Unit of Exchange Between Users, Advertisers and Content Makers Based on 'Gaze' Eye Tracking
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About Project

Gaze Coin, a patent-registered blockchain platform that monetizes gaze/eye tracking in VR/AR, and its upcoming ICO on November 27th. Combining gaze control/eye tracking with blockchain, Gaze Coin calculates the exact amount of time users spend either looking at or interacting with content and/or the amount of time immersed inside content. It then creates a micro-transaction that charges the advertiser for that time, pays the content owner/creator and rewards the user for consuming the content.

The mechanic also works in the case where there is no advertiser, incentivizing audiences and content creators from a ‘user growth pool’ instead of from advertisers. Gaze Coin is a breakthrough monetization, adtech and DRM solution for VR/AR, measuring and employing user gaze as a unit of exchange and digital record among advertisers, content owners/creators and users.
Gaze Coin, the killer app for immersive advertising and DRM, fixes the main problem with monetizing VR/AR: How do you measure and track it (and therefore calculate ROI)?

Founder Jonny Peters has also built a functional proof-of-concept, a virtual world employing Gaze Coin called Dream Channel VR, featured at the Cannes Film Festival 2017. It is in this world that Gaze Coin token functions as a virtual world currency, demonstrating its potential as a metaverse currency and contract system that will one day permit users to move between worlds with a common unit of exchange.

Questions & Answers

When is the platform going to be fully functional?

Dream Channel VR is already functional and is the base template structure for how the platform will roll out. So the foundations have already been created.

Where is your business incorporated?


What is your token lock up period?


Has your project had any institutional capital or gone through an angel round?

Angels provided US$420k to complete the platform foundation - Dream Channel VR - required for the ICO.

What is your token?

Gaze Coin (GZE)



Jonny Peters

Founder and CEO

With over 20 years of leading-edge creative vision, CEO and Founder Jonny Peters is an award-winning mixed-reality producer, director and world builder. Often leading projects at the forefront of entertainment and tech, he raised nearly $12M in 1998 for Kgrind, a multichannel music and action sports broadband TV network. In 2001, Jonny was recruited to BSkyB, where he built red-button apps for Sky’s Electronic Programme Guide (EPG).

Bok Khoo

CTO / Chief Scientist

Bok is an actuary and quantitative software developer who has worked with banking and corporate treasury clients, investment managers, exchanges, government agencies and financial soft vendors throughout APAC and Europe for over 28 years. Also known as BokkyPooBah on Ethereum, StackExchange and r/Ethereum, Bok serves as CTO/Chief Scientist for Gaze Coin as a larger commitment to bringing decentralized trustless exchanges to the Ethereum blockchain.

Landon Curry

VR Technical Team Director

Landon built the world’s first VR department store for Ebay and the world’s first VR racing simulator for Red Bull. Few people can rival Landon’s commercial VR experience; his client list as Partner/Managing Director for Red Cartel includes Toyota, Subaru, Konica, Honda and Shell. Before Red Cartel, he was Managing Director of the Visualisation Company and Director at Twitch Studios for 8 years. Landon holds a graduate advanced diploma in 3D graphics and animation from Computer Graphics College.

Alex Stojcic


Alex has 20 years of financial technology experience, including scaling Silicon Valley’s Health Fidelity as an early employee. An expert in cloud and immersive computing technologies, Alex holds an MS in applied finance from Kaplan University and BSc in computer engineering from the University of Wollongong.

Brian Cobb

VR Film Producer

Brian is an accomplished film, digital and VR producer. He is the Executive Producer of the SPAA Award-winning series, The Horizon, which has amassed over 50M views globally. he Screen Producers Association Australia added Brian to its “Ones To Watch” list in 2013 and its “Enterprise People” program in 2014.

Gary Ross

Legal Counsel

Gary is a partner at Ross & Shulga PLLC, and, through longtime clients Steemit and InvestFeed, has spent several years at the forefront of cryptocurrency. Gary has extensive experience advising SEC- registered and exempt capital markets transactions. He has contributed his expertise to features in The New York Times, MarketWatch, The Associated Press, and holds a JD from Northwestern University and BBA from University of Miami.

Saul Hudson

Global Communications Director

Saul is a leading blockchain communications specialist, raising the profiles of cryptocurrency companies through public relations and content creation during token crowd sales. Formerly GM Americas for Reuters News, he oversaw operations for 600 journalists across multicultural newsrooms with an annual spend of $80 million. Saul has been a war correspondent and reported from more than 30 countries, interviewing top corporate and political leaders around the world.

Matt Knox

Database Programmer

An experienced web/mobile CTO and software developer, Matt Knox is an expert in server-side and database technologies. He has most recently served as CTO of Australia’s CodeLab, where he specializes in complex distributed systems built on Linux and OSS for clients in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and the United States. Matt holds a BSc in computer science/surveying from the University of New South Wales.

Lea Kozin

Marketing Lead

Lea Kozin is a leading immersive media consultant, evangelist and connector. She has a diverse marketing background spanning 15 years in tech, entertainment and action sports. Lea has lent her expertise to projects involving major brands including Paramount Pictures, Mazda, Monster Energy, Samsung, University of Notre Dame and Walmart, and holds an MBA from UCLA Anderson.


Jeremy Lam

Product Lead at OmiseGo

As Product Lead, Jeremy is leading the first implementation of Ethereum scaling solution Plasma at OmiseGO. Jeremy was the creator of Vennd, a blockchain-as-a-service company and early counterparty-based vending machine platform that powered many pre-Ethereum ICOs. Prior to that, Jeremy was a consultant in the interest rate and credit derivatives investment banking industry.

George Samman

Blockchain Investor and Advisor

After co-founding BTC.sx (now Magnr), a bitcoin trading platform in 2013, George is a blockchain/cryptocurrency consultant and advisor to global financial institutions, startups and law firms. He writes on blockchain technology and use cases at sammantics.com. George holds a MA in international finance from Columbia University and a BA in Political Science from University of Deleware.

Travis Rice

VR Industry Advisor

Travis is co-founder of The LENS Group - a global VR company with a focus in China. Travis has more than twenty years of experience working as a curator and producer with artists and emerging technology across museums, galleries and the tech sector in over two dozen countries. His prior experience includes work at Apple, Biennale of Sydney, First Night Austin and Blizzard Entertainment.

Kunio Okuda

Blockchain Investor and Advisor

Kunio is an established Japan/APAC localization and community management expert to emerging fintech companies in the blockchain and AI spaces. A cryptocurrency investor and entrepreneur, he is also the community management officer for OmiseGO.